Purpose: This course is designed for participants to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required of first aid and or life rescue that may occur at work place.

Pre-requisite: There are no pre-requisite for this course Course Content:

  •  Anatomy function and respiratory
  •  Identify and response to emergency situation
  •  CPR & EAR
  •  Shock treatment
  •  Burns
  •  Bleeding
  •  Bandages
  •  Splint
  •  Fractures Management

Certification: Barron International will issue Certificate of Training in Basic First Aid Training for successful participants

Duration: 1 day

Method of Training: Combined theory and practical completed with performance assessment

Maximum participants: 8 persons Resources required for onsite/in house training are:

  •  Resuscitation dummies – 1 set
  •  First aid kits – 2 sets
  •  Bandages – 10 sets
  •  Cleaning agents – at least 10 sets
  •  Cleaning clothes (wet and dry) – at least 10 sets

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