Purpose : This course is designed for participants to gain the necessary skills to plan, prepare and complete Advanced Scaffolding work in accordance to British Standard as per BS Code of practice BS EN 12811-1:2003 Pre-requisite: Participants shall hold Basic Scaffolding certificate prior to take Advanced Scaffolding training

Course Content:

  •  Duties of scaffolders
  •  Bends and hitches, splicing
  •  Fall arrest system
  •  Planning the job
  •  Classification of scaffold
  •  Selection of scaffold design
  •  Scaffold tag system
  •  Mobile scaffolding
  •  Scaffold ties
  •  Working platform Access & Egress
  •  Positioning of scaffold
  •  Building the scaffold
  •  Erecting the scaffold
  •  Dismantling the scaffold
  •  Tube and coupler
  •  Barrow ramps
  •  Ginny wheels

Certification: Barron International will issue Certificate of Training in Advanced Scaffolding for successful participants

Duration: 3 days Method of Training: Combined theory and practical completed with performance and written assessment

Maximum participants: 12 persons

Resources required for onsite/in house training are:
– Cordage (for bends and hitches)
– Tube & coupler scaffold
– Scaffold tools and belts
– Practical training area
– Air-conditioned classroom with whiteboard comfortable for 12 participants

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