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Barron International Safety Training & Consultant

Unique and Leading Approach with Modern Methodologies to Deliver Training

World Class Standard Facilities and Courses

Group Bonding Based Safety Training

Real Scenario Practical Simulation with Intensive Theory Training

Real Scenario Practical Simulation with Intensive Theory Training

High Competency Based Training

International Standard

Barron International has been internationally acknowledged by international safety certification institute such as IMCA, IASST, NFPA, ISO and MFA

Qualified Trainer

We only select trainer who have a minimum 3 years of experience in their field of expertise and also certified nationally and internationally


At Barron International, our customers will have access to world class facilities and direct accommodation places, at affordability in mind


We Are Professional, Competitive And
Competent In Our Service

PT Barron International was set up on 17th March 2004 and commenced the construction of the Training Facility for the HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) for Ditching and other Oil and Gas safety training in June 2005 on a 20,000 square meters of land. The facility was completed in June and commisioned in October 2006.

The Training Facility is a purposed built training center featuring a large pool of 12 meters by 18 meters complete with METS (Modular Egress Training Simulator), Davit launch Life Boat, 3 storey build smoke chamber, Fire Fighting Facility, Advance Fire Fighting, 3 air conditioned classroom, cafetaria, shower and changing room. A Paramedic is always present at our facility and a stocked medical clinic for any emergency. Full medical services are available at RSIA Sentosa, Jl. Kemang No. 18, Pondok Udik, Bogor.

Our newest addition, Barron International now has its own accommodation place for participants who undergo training for more than one days.

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